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Your shift starts with the 9:30 staff meeting.

If you would like to shop before your shift, please come earlier.

Fah is the Security Lead. She will go over instructions and assign you your exit.


Your job is to discourage people from leaving the sale without paying for items.

You are here to act as a deterrent: to discourage people from doing something they know they shouldn't. People intent on stealing will not be deterred.

  • BE PRESENT AND AWARE: Greet everyone approaching your exit.

  • BE FRIENDLY: Ask everyone to show their receipt to exit. Be friendly but firm. People have already stood in two lines and are heading to their car. “Did you find some great things?” “Excuse me, sir – I just need to check your receipt.” "May I see your receipt please."

  • CHECK RECEIPTS: Everyone leaving the sale is prepared to have their receipts checked. YELLOW receipts stamped PAID in RED

  • THANK THEM for coming. Remind them that the next sale is the first Sunday in October. (10/6)

  • KEEP CELL PHONE CHECKING TO AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. Better still, keep it in your pocket.


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