Some of the craftspeople who will be at the next Sale on Sunday, May 3rd 2020.

Alaina Valle
Ancient Hands Tiles
Andrea Ciak
Anita Alvarez Midnight Muse
Anita Clemetson
Barbara Orr
Biff Bourne
Brenda Soi
Brooke Patterson
Bruno Kark
Carrie van Hee
Catherine Reece
Cheryl Wolff
Daniel Wooddell
Dave Strock
Dean Benson
Debra Rieff / Origin Jewelry
Don Jower
Georganne Cavataio
Itsuko Zenitani
HoneyBee Ceramics
Jacqueline Proulx
Jenny Klein
Katie Enewold
Ken Takara
Kirk McCarthy
Laurie Spray
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Alaina Valle