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Shift starts with the 9:30 staff meeting. If you would like to shop before your shift, please come earlier.

JoAnna is the Cashier Lead

  • We will start out with 6 cashiers to keep the line moving.

  • Each cashier will be assigned a square reader and tablet.

  • Instructions for using tablet/Square will be given at 9:30 staff meeting

  • DO NOT enter CASH OR CHECK sales in SQUARE!

  • Stamp PAID on the yellow tally slip ONLY. Jewelry slips should not be stamped. Jewelers are instructed to check yellow tally sheets to confirm that their item is listed correctly.

  • Remind customer to keep their yellow slip handy as they'll need to show it to exit the sale.

  • We're short on boxes so ask customers if they wouldn't mind leaving their box or returning their box after they've put their items in the car.  We will have a table set up just behind the check out with newspaper and grocery bags for people who want to wrap their items.

  • Remind customer to sign up for the email list.


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