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Shift starts at 9:00 to assist with worker check in. If you would like to shop before your shift, please come earlier.

  • Make sure all workers sign in and get a name badge.

  • Keep snacks tidy.

  • Artists should be bringing self-addressed stamped envelopes. Put addressed envelopes in the back of the envelope box.

  • Fill out slip for customers who ask you to hold their box

  • Take checks (If the cashier lines get long) - Confirm that amount the customer writes matches their yellow slip.  Confirm that the printed information is correct. Have them write in their phone number if it's not on the check. Stamp PAID on yellow tally sheet. Remind customer to have their stamped tally sheet out to show at the exit.

  • If customers have questions about the sale or procedures, please refer them to Mark or Barbara.

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